Moving On.

– “I am over you.”
A simple sentence. A simple sentence that wields shattering power.

– “I have moved on.”
So have I. But how do you do it, really? How do you move on? How do you forget a person you opened your heart to? How do you change the way you react to that person?

– “I don’t love you anymore.”
How. How do you un-love someone? How do you change what you feel for them when nothing but the status of your relationship changed? Is it voluntary? Can it be?

It happens with time, sure. But how long does it take?
For how long do I have to be hit with overwhelming waves of memories that leave me awash with sadness?

People change, yes. But don’t they remain the same fundamentally? And is it not their fundamental being you fall in love with?
How then do you fall out of love?
How do you control how they affect you?
How do you define and demarcate what you can and cannot say, do, feel?
Can you do it easily and within a short span of time?
And if you can.. did you ever love.