Sir Jace Locke On His Morning Walk.

A fine day! Thought Jace Locke
As he set out for his morning walk.
The day was bright, the sky clear,
Silence around and yet lots to hear.

And then something caught Jace Locke’s eye,
A sight which with his walk did vie —
He saw a candle burning still,
Gently, on a window sill.

“A candle in such morning light!”
Exclaimed Jace Locke at the curious sight.
He noticed a slender figure that passed
As he stood there peeking through the glass.

“I must not pry and be on my way,”
Is what the Gods heard Jace Locke say.
But poor lad, marred by habits old,
Stood glued to the window – a move quite bold.

Disappointment met Jace Locke’s inquisitive stare
For happenings went from some to rare.
His shoulders slouched, feet turned to go,
He took two steps, a third and fourth.

The fourth step brought him back on his route,
Where he dusted his coat and clicked his boot.
And while his fingers twiddled with his bow-tie,
He looked at the window from the corner of his eye.

The window sill now vacant, the candle gone,
Shocked poor Jace Locke, as he looked on and on.
Thinking no more about the events that just passed,
Jace Locke hurried down the road, still flabbergast.