Yummy Yuck.

A Chinese saying goes, “Anything that moves, breathes and crawls is eatable.” Somebody proved them right.

I was watching “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” on TLC, the other day. I was hooked on to it, believing it to be a gastronomical delight… a food connoisseur’s dream(!!) but a couple of minutes on, and I was totally freaked out watching Mr. Zimmern munch on those so-called exotic delicacies. He tasted gizzards, dried tree lizard, wasp larvae, tongue and eyeball salad, teriyaki cockroaches, snake penis, slátur (a type of blood pudding), whelk over dry ice, cow’s tongue, this, that, anything, everything. It just gave me the creeps!

What surprises me is that something that appears to be so gruesomely appalling is a big hit and a huge attraction and works like a magnet for people from across the world, be it the humble tourists, food enthusiasts, or even the unassuming viewers (like me) watching all of it, from miles apart, on their TV sets.

Well, who knows what makes good…good? Food for thought, eh??


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