There are some incidents in life that create a deep impact on oneself. One such incident, which was terribly horrible, has left a deep scar on my memories. It all happened in a flash. It was so quick and scary that whenever I come to think of it, I freeze.

It happened in the year 2002, when my dad was transferred to C…..o. We were all so excited about living in a foreign place. On reaching C…..o, it was love at first sight. We loved the way people lived there and everything was hunky-dory. We lived happily and normally. After a few weeks, my dad got letter from his company, informing him about the permanent transfer to C…..o. We were happier than ever. Several months passed this way. One day, I was reading the newsletter, when a headline caught my eye. It read: PSYCHOPATH KILLS TWOI drank the article like wine and came to know that two dead bodies had been found near the subway station in N.… Street. There were no witnesses. The post-mortem reports claimed that the victims had been strangulated using a metal wire. Investigations were on, but nothing had been found.

All C…..o people were scared, we were too, but life had to go on. Although we curtailed going out as much as we could, we ensured that we had some medium to protect ourselves when we did step out. Days passed, the psychopath and his killings were all over the place. He was the new and hot topic. The paparazzi thought of him and only him as their top news…the rest was sidelined. One day, my best friend Lucy invited me for a sleepover. My parents agreed and Lucy and I were planning about what all we could do. Late night movies, chatting till late and everything exciting were on our list.

The next day, after the sleepover, my mom call and I asked her if I could stay for another week or so. She was a bit hesitant at first but then on talking with Lucy’s mom, she agreed. Our joy knew no bounds. We were literally hopping like rabbits (Lucy and me, that is)!

The time was fleeting and it was the last day of the sleepover. It was time to go back home. Lucy’s mom insisted on dropping me home but I disapproved of her proposal as I had already given her a lot of trouble. I was stubborn so I naturally won the fight.

In my haste to pack, I forgot the “psycho-episode” and took the subway to go home. I was surprised to see the deserted stations. Out of the blue, it occurred to me that that it was lunch time then. I decided to wait there. THAT WAS MY BIGGEST MISTAKE!

I took out my headphones and turned on the I-pod. After some time, I spotted a tall and masculine man who was dressed in black from head to toe. I decided to ignore him but when I saw the time, I thought better of it and decided to enquire about the train schedule.

I called out to him twice. He looked at me, and a chill ran down my spine. I couldn’t read his expression. However, it was getting late and I had to reach home before dark so I called out to him again and asked about the arrival of the next train. He didn’t reply. I shouted again. This time he heard me. He started walking towards me. I thought he was going to answer my question but I saw him take something out of his coat pocket. I tried to make out what it was, and just as I did so, I realized what a terrible mistake I had committed. He had a metal wire in his hand. Like a jigsaw puzzle, all pieces started fitting together. A chill tremor went through me and my knees became puddles as I realized that I had invited death. I tried to shout but fear choked my voice. I started running. My footsteps echoed in the empty subway and so did his. He was getting closer. My heart skipped a beat. I was looking for an exit but couldn’t find one, so I kept running. He was gaining speed. I got on one of the escalators and continued running. I was exhausted but I couldn’t stop.

I could then see some people walking on the stations. It was a signal to tell me that the lunch hour was up and that people will now start streaming in. I decreased my speed and looked around to check if the psycho was still around. I couldn’t see him. I sat down on a metal bench to catch my breath and just then my train arrived. I boarded it and settled down safely. I thanked my stars and tried to forget the whole episode. And that’s how I escaped death.

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