Alone In The Rain.

She had never thought that she would fall in love. But then nobody thinks before they do. Or do people fall in love on purpose? Well let us leave it for the analysts to find out. Let us leave it to them to come up with theories that don’t influence a common man much.

It happens with everybody, some time or the other. Everybody falls in love. If not consciously then unconsciously. People often spend their whole lives not realizing the person they actually love; people they deserve.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case with Tausha. She knew the man of her dreams. Always did. And now they were both intensely and sincerely in love. They were married. Yes, a happy couple; very happy indeed. They had been enjoying marital bliss for almost a year now and were the object of envy. Wondering how life can be so perfect? You’re not alone.

We know that women are fidgety. They can never be absolutely certain about anything. There always has to be something wrong according to them. Always thinking if it’s right, always thinking if it could be better, always thinking if what is happening is possible at all! Whew!

Tausha was a woman not different from the restless lot. She was so happy with her married life that she couldn’t help questioning if it was likely. Her husband, the man she was closest to; the man she loved with all her heart couldn’t have been, according to her, better.

Tausha and Dan were, what they call, high school sweethearts. Who knew they’d one day be Mr. and Mrs. Dan Thompson? Not even they themselves. It all started just before college when they realized that they suited each other best and when Dan proposed to Tausha on a rainy night. Tausha loved rains. It is hard to say if she loved them more than him but she found solace in the pitter-patter of the rain drops alright.

She stood there on the kitchen counter, reminiscing the night when Dan put a ring on her finger. They had danced in the rain. He had planned everything. He wanted it to be perfect. He waited for a full moon night to propose. It was a full moon night. It was beautiful. They had seen in each other’s eyes in the moonlight and confessed of their love for each other. Then they kissed. And then they danced and danced, humming their song…together… The memories of the night always brought a smile to her face. It made her face aglow with affection for Dan. She remembered each little detail clearly as if the night had happened a thousand times, or maybe ten thousand. She savored every moment of their time spent together. Then again it hit her. Is this really happening? Is this truly probable? How can someone be so happy? Something is missing…going unnoticed… What is it?!

At that moment, she heard a car drive in through the wrought iron gate; Dan’s car. He had returned from work. Ting-Tong! , went the doorbell. Tausha opened the door and greeted Dan with a peck on the cheek. He entered the house and put the umbrella in the umbrella-holder by the door. It was raining outside. Tausha was so busy thinking; she didn’t notice the sound of raindrops against the glass and wood roof.

“Why don’t you go and freshen up? I’ll set the table.” said Tausha.

“Hmm. Hey by the way how was your exhibition?”

“Oh it was better than I had expected. We earned quite a profit.” She smiled.

“Excellent!” He grinned.

Once Dan went upstairs to freshen up, Tausha and her thoughts were left by themselves. Oh! How I love him! His smile! His… Everything about him! I’m the most fortunate woman on this planet! She set the table, fixed dinner and as soon as she placed the food on the table, Dan descended the stairs, looked at his wife and smiled. They then had dinner and talked; both telling each other about the day gone by. The night was full of light-hearted chatter and laughs and then a peaceful sleep after a day of hard-work.

Morning came and along with it came a sense of calm. Both – Dan and Tausha – were supposed to report to work. They ate cereal for breakfast and went out of their house together. Dan dropped Tausha at her work office and promised her that he would pick her up at 5.30 p.m. He then proceeded to his work site.

The day passed as usual, and at exactly 5.25 p.m., Tausha descended the stairs of her office. It was raining again and very few people could be seen on the streets. She was waiting for Dan.


 As promised, Dan left his office at 5.15 p.m. to pick up Tausha by 5.30 p.m. He had had a rough day and had quite a lot on his mind. Even so, he was trying his best to gather his wits; he didn’t want anything to go wrong tonight. He had planned a surprise candlelight dinner. He turned on the car’s music player and concentrated on the road. It was now raining heavily and it was hard to see the road clearly. He swerved right and then drove straight on the familiar way. Out of nowhere, a black Merc came towards his car. He didn’t know what to do so he hit the brakes but since it was raining, the car’s tires skidded and he went directly into the black beast. BANG!!


Tausha stood alone in the rain, waiting.

Tausha stood there, alone in the rain, waiting for her husband. She was getting worried now. It was 5.43 p.m. Dan is never late…He must be stuck somewhere due to water-logging… Oh God! Please… She prayed.


What happened after that was all hazy. Dan was trying to come back to his senses, but without success. The sharp ringing in his ears due to the loud crash was driving him nuts. Oh God! What is happening?! He was feeling suffocated and was ready to do anything to get out of that car, only he didn’t have enough strength. He was fast slipping into unconsciousness and everything around him was spinning. He realized that he was dying. His breathing became measured with every passing moment. His vision blurred. He closed his eyes. Emptiness. A gigantic black hole… falling… shouting… help… darkness… void. Tausha…


What is taking Dan so long? She was calling Dan’s phone and always got his answer machine. She was getting worried. Oh Dan! I hope you are alright…


2 thoughts on “Alone In The Rain.

  1. I love very much the story you wrote…it was full of love and hopes in the end…and i don’t know
    where the ending leads….


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