To Making It Count.

The beginning of April, 2011 saw the beginning of a silent protest; a protest against corruption which soon engulfed the nation like a bright inferno. What one person started has now become a fight of the people from all walks of life. Some people might not agree with me but I think all this that is taking shape in the largest democracy is only for the better.

...people marching down the streets with the tricolor flags and calls of anti-corruption.

The fight for a strong Jan Lokpal Bill to curb corruption is what seems right at the moment. Of course nobody can tell if this bill will be a 100% solution but at least it will be a start; a new beginning, or rather a catalyst for a change – a change towards a progressive India.

Some people might not like the idea of fasting-till death in order to speed up things, they might name it blackmail or arm twisting or holding the government ransom, but it was high time people saw some action! We needed someone to speak up, to lead the movement. We have found him. He is the new Gandhi. He is, as we call him, Anna Hazare. This mass movement led by the Gandhian has non-violently shaken the government out of its slumber.

What Anna is doing for this country is commendable. Not everybody has the will or the strength to fast continuously and put their health in jeopardy. But as Rudyard Kipling put it,

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;

Instead to looking at these processions with a negative outlook, we should take pride in it and appreciate the force that has once again united us Indians. Why look at the negatives when the positives are equally apparent?

Now, looking at the support that Anna has garnered, people have started wondering if he or the members of Team Anna would enter politics. Well, it is not for a reason that Anna doesn’t join politics. He simply doesn’t need to do that to bring about a change! The people are with him. They identify with his cause. He is fighting for the good of the country against the entire political class and every Indian that is supporting him is filled with an unbridled hope that his cause will win; that the Indian Democracy will win. Why then the confusion?  I think that politics is has become a dirty game. People enter politics with a vision to make this place better but the extent to which these visions substantiate, we are well aware of.

Anna Hazare v The Government

Lets not miss the point. The fight is against corruption at any level. I’m NOT against the political class. It is a shame that politics has become synonymous to corruption and delay and abuse of power. Politics has many people who deserve to be where they are – who’ve earned their good reputation but their reputation is tarnished by the muck created by some of the powerful ones. Abuse of power is what it is and it obviously contributes to corruption.

India Against Corruption

Every morning the newspaper is flooded with the news of people marching down the streets with the tricolor flag and calls of anti-corruption, singing gayly the songs of patriotism. The newsletter also tells us about how the government is responding to all this action. It is doing something about it but what it is doing isn’t enough. We expect strong and quick action that will deliver us out of the impasse. This situation is no less than an emergency! Any more delay and there will be nothing left for the nine-legged corruption-bug to gnaw at!

The change will happen this time. Lets be optimistic about it. We have a voice. We have a chance of making it heard. Lets make it count.



4 thoughts on “To Making It Count.

  1. “We have a voice. We have a chance of making it heard.”

    That’s the beauty of having a blog. You can get out the news and perspective that would otherwise fall below the radar of the mainstream news. Thanks for informing me, and I’m happy to see that the Indians are moved to action. I’ll check back to stay updated.



    • I agree with you, Alan and you are welcome!

      Things have taken a turn. Anna’s fast has come to an end after twelve long days. The civil society’s mass movement led by Mr. Hazare has succeeded in making the Government understand our needs.
      The Prime Minister, in his letter to Team Anna, has written that he agrees to their demands, in principle. Also, the Government has passed a resolution to discuss and vote on the Jan Lokpal Bill issue and primarily on the three key demands (of forming a citizen’s charter, including lower bureaucracy under Lokpal’s ambit and establishing State Lokayuktas) The Bill is likely to become a law in the Winter Session of the Parliament.
      Some say that the Indian Democracy has won but this is not the complete victory. This country needs an ombudsman against graft, not ‘in principle’ but in reality. And for now, peace prevails.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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