I’m kind of an outdoor person. I like Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball and I like being outside more than I like being inside the house. Oh! Why the italics? Thats because my right hand is paining me like a thousand devils. I can barely use it, thanks to all that volleyball (yeah…now you see?). What worries me is that I’ve got loads and loads of homework piled up and not half the energy to do it. Sigh…

If you guys are expecting a full-fledged blog post, don’t. This one isn’t one of them. I can hardly type without a little pain. What is worse, is that tomorrow is the submission date. Its not like I didn’t get quite some time to finish my work but, well, people who know me know how I work – at the last moment. But this time, its a lesson learned well. All I can do is hope for some sort of miracle to happen. Only, I know, its not going to. So people, wish me luck.

This is me signing off. Temporarily.


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