I am a Libra. According to the books that tell you about Sun Signs, Libras are meant to be the balanced and the calm ones. They are the peaceful souls who spread the peace within and around themselves. However, these things look good to the eyes and are fit only for the books, not for the life we I live. In reality, the Libra scales are not always balanced. They dip back and forth a thousand times before a Libra achieves the, what-they-call, heavenly balance. It really is a tiring thing to see a Libra who is caught in the fight of the balances.

The Libra Scales

SO, what annoys me?

The first thing that comes to my mind is:
“I’ll be able to think of many things that satisfy the above condition and jot them all down –
– but on second thoughts, I know it won’t be that easy.

Okay. Coming back to the question.

1. Mismanagement and lack of organization – How do you feel when your space is in a mess, like, literally? The clothes scattered on the bed, waiting to be folded neatly and given their rightful place in the wardrobe? Or the books that need to be set in the bookshelf that hasn’t been dusted for weeks?! Or a desk that needs to be cleared, paperwork to be sorted out? Are you familiar with that feeling? Do you like it? I don’t.

2. Mathematics – especially when I’m unable to solve the questions despite of repeated attempts! Maths is a nightmare for many and its not like I hate it. In fact, I like it when I’m able to solve the questions in one go! It boosts my confidence. What actually annoys me is this:
Q.24- Solved! Yayy!
Q.25- Uh-oh.
Q.25- Yayy!
Q.26- Nope.
Q.26- Wrong answer.
Q.26- Okay. Umm…
Q.26- …
HECK! I’m Not doing this! (Yeah, this is where I slam the book shut.)

Does it happen with you too?

3. All work and no play. Does that make me dull? I wonder. I think that work and play should be proportionate to each other. But then, everybody thinks so. Am I right? Are workaholics an exception?

4. Talking while working. The past few days have seen me losing my temper easily when somebody talks to me while I’m trying to concentrate on something. I don’t say anything. I don’t respond. I just continue doing my work. They realize that I won’t respond until I’m done with what I’m doing and they seem to understand. I hope I’m not making many enemies!

5. Unnecessary delay. Okay, who doesn’t find delay annoying? You? Well. I do.


I’ll have to give some more thought to this. In the meanwhile, why don’t you create your own list and share it here, or on your own blog? Don’t forget to share your post with me! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Oh-So-Annoying!

  1. I love this post…i am also a Libra…and ur right the scales are not always balanced…it tilts from one side to another…speaking of me, i can’t balanced things and i am chaos!


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