Give ’em a CHANCE

I know. I know I’m late. I’ve been trying to write for some time but time was not on my side.

Recently there was a lot of brouhaha over sentencing capital punishment (in India) and its justification.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 5, puts it-

“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Sometimes I wonder if an accused of (murder or an act of terrorism) really deserves a death penalty. He has killed someone! That someone is already gone and obviously will never return, until of course he reincarnates, so why take another life? What good will it do? There is sufficient proof that it does not deter crime. An actual lifetime in prison would be the harshest punishment.

We walk past beggars without caring to even look their way, giving away a dime is out of the question! What we don’t ask is who needs it more? The beggar who can’t even afford to buy three complete meals a day or We, who can afford a luxurious dinner at a good restaurant at least once a month. Similarly, who are we to decide if the person in question deserves a death penalty? How do we know for what reasons the crime was committed? How do we know if it was poverty, shame, debts, bad name or just plain revenge that led to the ‘hideous’ crime? We don’t.

We humans have a tendency to be JUDGMENTAL of Everything regardless of our involvement in the matter. We HAVE TO say something and make our presence felt. No matter how useless the words we utter be. This isn’t good. Honestly, of late I’ve been trying not to be judgemental, of people especially. Whenever I start thinking, mostly in a negative direction, about people, I remind myself not to. I think it has been effective to some extent, fortunately.

So let’s be open to people… and to situations. Let’s give each one a fair chance. Give them the benefit of doubt once in a while. You never know what card will be dealt to you but you can be brave and you might get the one you wanted!

P.S. This article was meant to be about something and it came out as a mixture of something and something else. However, I stated everything that came to my mind while typing it out. Impulsive writing, this.

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