Dear Diary… (Part II)

[Continued from DEAR DIARY… (Part I)]

I shut the door to my room and walked down the corridor, thinking all the while. I decided to take the stairs to delay the meeting just a little more. I was wearing a green silk dress with beige suede pumps and I had tied my hair in a neat French knot just to stop myself from touching my hair time and again. I descended the final flight of stairs to the main hall which was crowded. I walked across the marble floor and entered the lobby which, also, was crowded. I secured a seat for myself at the back of the room and waited.

I didn’t have to wait for long because after only a few minutes, a well-dressed man emerged from the crowd and settled in the seat next to mine. I looked at him. I know him! He looked at me and grinned.
“Hey Mira! Look at you! You look gorgeous!”
“Aaaa! Geoffrey! Long time! Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself!”, said I, punching him lightly on his arm.
“Yea. Well.”
He looked around the room for a while, and asked, “Would you mind having dinner with me in a quiet restaurant?”
“Sure! I’d love to. Got lots to catch up! ‘Know any nice place around here?”
“Follow me.”
“Aye.” I smiled.

We walked down the street, towards the diner, making small talk.

It was a warm night. We walked together on the sidewalk towards a cozy diner, not far from the hotel.
“So was it you?”
“Did you send the flowers and that note?”
“What flowers and which note? What are you talking about, Mira?” He looked away.
“OK. You can laugh, alright?! I know it was you. The secret is out, Geoff.” I rolled my eyes, and walked ahead of him.
“Hey. Hey! Alright.” He said, catching up with me. “I’m sorry I …scared you?!” , said he, grinning.
Surprised is more like it.”
And so we walked towards the diner, making small talk. It was difficult not remembering my past, when I was with him. After all, he was a part of it, a big part of it…

I liked the place - quiet and nice.

We arrived at the diner. It indeed was a quiet place. We settled down and ordered our food.
“I like this place.”
“Hmm. So do I.”
I smiled.
“So tell me Mira, how is life? How is it going?”
I knew it! Why did he have to start this topic?!
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have started talking about that.”
“But I’m curious. I’d like to know. So Mira, how are you?”
“I-I’m good! Y’know? I am taking small steps at a time and… I think it is going well.” I paused. “How about you? Got any tips for me” I smirked.
He gave me a tight-lipped smile and replied,” Tips? Are you serious? Don’t you know? I’m still addicted.”
“What?!” He said it so casually as if it was nothing more than just a silly rumor. Hah!
That is it? ‘Yeah.’? Doesn’t my face say, ‘Explain.’??
He studied me and proceeded, in a dull tone, “I see I’ve surprised you yet again…”
D-uh. “Well..yea… I mean, remember what Jon said – ‘If ever you feel the urge, remember why you went to rehab.’ Have you forgotten everything? Don’t you remember how we used to talk in the evenings about how we’d exit and move towards a normal and healthy life…?”
He nodded.
I exhaled.
Dinner was served. Perfect timing.

The food was delicious. Our conversation had reduced to talks of here and there, today and tomorrow. We said our goodbyes and promised to meet again soon.


The next day, we just bumped into each other down the corridor. We exchanged quick ‘Hellos’ and met again, at dinner. He was the one to break the silence.
“I’m sorry about yesterday.”
“I shouldn’t have brought back memories of the time spent in rehab. I know it makes self-control even more difficult.”
“Hey? Would you like to join my friends and I for a drink after dinner? Its my way of saying sorry…” said he looking at me expectantly.
I hesitated but said, “Suits me.”


[Continued in DEAR DIARY… (Part III) ]

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