Sinless Slumber (Part II)

[Continued from SINLESS SLUMBER (Part I)]

Outside the ward, Charlie was talking to John who also, like Charlie, thought that Clara was bluffing.
“John I want you to check into her background, her call records. See if she has any alibi. Where was she the night of the murder? Any sort of abnormal behavior. Anything. Am I clear?”
“Yes sir!”
“Good. Go!”


“Hello Clara! How are you feeling now?” asked a man in scrubs who had just entered the ward with a nurse.
“Hi doctor… alright, I guess.”
“Tell me Clara, are you on any sort of medication?” he inquired.
“…Soporifics…for insomnia.”
“Hmm… and how long have you been on prescription?”
“Two months?”
“Okay.” He said with a hesitant smile. “Take rest. I’ll be back.”
Clara smiled in return.
They left the ward and outside, the doctor told the nurse to take Clara’s blood samples for testing.

Charlie Finne spotted the doctor down the hallway and decided to take a report on Clara’s health.
“Dr. Harvey, hello.”
“Inspector Finne.”
“Doctor, how is she doing? Ms. Martinez.”
“She is fine. You know, Inspector, I found it quite unusual… she told me that she is taking soporifics for over two months. Soporifics or hypnotics, as you know, are prescribed for insomnia. However, two months is a long time and as per my medical practice says, when taken in high quantities for a long time, they can have severe side-effects. I have asked the nurse to take her blood samples so I can rule out any abnormality but … has she told you about her insomnia yet?”
“No but I guess I’ll have to ask.”
“Hmm. I think that is the right thing to do. Meanwhile, I’ll get to work and will let you know if anything…”
“Okay. Thank you, Doctor.”


 The door to her ward opened. Her eyes drifted away from the IV fluid that she was observing towards the man who now entered, the man she disliked. She directed her attention back to the fluid.
“Ms. Martinez, the doctor told me about your insomnia. Can you please elaborate?” asked an annoyed Finne.
She sighed and said, without looking at him, “I’ve had trouble sleeping, which was why my doctor prescribed me with hypnotics. He prescribed the drug for 3 weeks and promised a progress in my condition at the end of that time. However, I had trouble sleeping even after the tenure of my medication was over so I bought the drugs again and have been consuming them regularly for about two months now.”
“So you mean you’ve been on hypnotics for two months and three weeks, now?”
“Did you tell Dr. Harvey about this?”
“Just that I’ve been taking them for two months.”
“Hmm. You know, he was telling me that two months is a lot of time already and now you’re telling me it’s almost three months? He told me about the side-effects of the drug Ms. Martinez, and although your medical history is of zero importance to me, it can have a significant role in this case. Therefore, I need you to be honest, if you want me to find the murderer of Zahn.”

“I’m listening.”
“Where were you last night?”
“Told you already, at home.”
“And this morning?”
She hesitated. Should I tell him?
He was studying her; looking closely. She could feel his eyes on her.
“At home,” she said.
“And you guys didn’t talk last night?”
“Like I said.”
“’kay.” He stood up to leave.


[Continued in SINLESS SLUMBER (Part III)]


This is a work of fiction and is purely for entertainment purposes. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Drawing any medical conclusions and references from this work is strictly discouraged.


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