Sinless Slumber (Part III)

[Continued from SINLESS SLUMBER (Part II)]

“John, did you find something?”
“Sir, according to her maid, she was home last night.”
“Yessir. She has a live-in maid who told me that she had seen Martinez go to sleep in her room after which she retired to the servants’ quarter at the back of the house. However, in the morning, when she went to serve her bed tea, she couldn’t find her anywhere.”
“Couldn’t, huh? Clara told me she was home this morning.”

Clara was startled when they barged into the ward.
“Ms. Martinez, is there anything that you’re hiding?”
“Uhh..” she hesitated. “No.”
“Okay. So you were home this morning?”
Her heard skipped a beat. “Yeah.” She said slowly.
“But your maid thinks otherwise. She says you were nowhere to be found when she came in to serve your bed tea.”
“I…I…uh…I wanted to tell you this… but I thought you’d think I was bluffing –”
“We already think so.”
“But, uh – ”
“Clara Martinez, I’m taking you in for interrogation regarding the murder of Aram Zahn.”
“But its not what you think! I – ”
“Save it for later. John?”
John came forward and arrested her. The three of them moved towards the police station for cross-examination.


At the police station, Clara was having a hard time. She had told the interrogating officer, Yamila Rhines, about that morning’s incident and Yamila had dismissed it as one of her stories. Yamila had been grilling Clara for hours now and both of them were tired and angry.
“It will do you good if you cooperate with us Ms. Martinez. I want to know everything in the same order and without any changes, this time.”
“You can repeat that for as long as you want to. My answer won’t change. I don’t have anything to do with Aram’s murder. I LOVED HIM! I am innocent!!


 Yamila came out of the room to face Charlie who had been watching the process from outside.
“You heard her,” she shrugged.
“Hmm. Thank you, Inspector Rhines. I’ll take it from here,” Charlie said.
Yamila left and Charlie stood there, observing Clara who sat with her head bowed.
Just as Charlie was about to enter the room, he received a call from Dr. Harvey,
“Inspector, I have the reports of Ms. Martinez’s blood test. Her blood has dangerously high quantities of benzodiazepine. To put it simply, the quantity of the drug that she is taking is dangerously high in her blood. I’m afraid that it may cause hallucinations, disinhibitions, hypotension, fatal seizures, panic attacks, delirium and in some cases somnambulism or sleep walking. If I may suggest, Inspector, I think we should keep her under observation to monitor any abnormal behavior.”

“Thank you, Dr. Harvey for the suggestion but I don’t think keeping her in the hospital any longer is a good idea. I’ll call you when the need arises. Good bye” and he disconnected the call.

“John, what was the time of Zahn’s death?”
“Between 05:30 and 05:50, sir.”
“Hmm… what do the neighbors say?”
“Sir, the neighbors didn’t see anybody coming in or going out of Aram’s house at night. However, the newspaper boy said that he saw Clara coming out of the house in the morning –”
“He recognizes her?”
“Yes sir. He says that he had seen her many times. Sometimes she even collected the newspaper.”
“Hmm… so they were spending nights together. Anyway, what time did he see her?”
“Around 5:45, sir.”
“5:45? That lies in our time frame… John, either we are missing something vital or she is hiding something from us.” A pause. “Call Dr. Harvey and tell him that we’re bringing Martinez in. I guess she’ll have to be monitored, after all.”
“Yes sir.”


[Continued in SINLESS SLUMBER (Part IV)]


This is a work of fiction and is purely for entertainment purposes. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Drawing any medical conclusions and references from this work is strictly discouraged.

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