Living In Fear.

Living IN Fear

Today my mother was talking to her sister i.e. my aunt, on phone. That is when my aunt narrated the following incident to mom.

My aunt was returning home after some shopping when near her house she saw a crime unfold:
A lady, wearing a gold chain, was walking along the road when two young boys came up to her on a motorcycle and snatched the chain from her neck. A man, standing a little ahead of this party tried to push the driver of the motorcycle in order to prevent them from running away with the lady’s chain. The man riding pillion, took out a gun, shot the good man at point-blank range and they sped away. The man who was trying to help died instantly and I think he was accompanied by his son, although I’m not very sure of that.

Moral of the story: Live in fear because you never know who might pull out a gun and point it at you.


I remember reading this article in the newspaper wherein the author of the article along with her young son had gone to eat in a restaurant. The author wasn’t happy with the dish served to her and just as she was about to call the waiter to complain, her son stopped her and asked her to let it go. When she asked him why, he said that it was unnecessary. He was afraid they might offend or infuriate the waiter who, in order to get back at them, might spit in their food or do something harmful to them.

Moral of the story: Live in fear because you never know when the person you’re talking to takes a grudge against you and harms you.


I was watching a program on National Geographic Channel, named ‘Inside‘ one day. It was a documentary on a very strict Russian prison, the name of which I can’t recall.
In the documentary, they had interviewed certain prisoners asking them the reason they had been jailed and so on and so forth. One of the prisoners, let us call him X, told the interviewer that he was involved in a fight with a man over a lighter. X wanted to light his cigar, it being a cold Russian night, but the man refused to share his lighter. This little “No” disturbed X so much that he instantly stabbed the man, killing him. Realizing what he had done after having done it, he became afraid and not knowing what to do with the body, he took it to his apartment. He cut the body into small pieces so that he could consume them.
He was expressionless while narrating this incident. He very casually told the interviewer that he tried the meat steamed, boiled and fried and that he liked it best when it was fried. Inorder to finish the whole meat, he gave some to his friend telling him that it was Kangaroo’s meat. The friend believing him, made dumplings of the meat and fed it to his whole family, telling him how good the meat was.

Moral of the story: Live in fear because you never know whose stomach you might end up in.


The three instances given above are only three drops in an ocean. Such happenings compel us to wonder if there is any value of human life.
– A man trying to help a lady in distress is killed for fulfilling his social responsibility.
– A customer eating at a food joint can never be too sure if the food that he is eating has not been spat in; if the waiter is not taking revenge for not getting a good tip the last time around!
– And of course, you never know who would kill you just because you didn’t share a lighter with them.

These times are depressing. People kill people for a little money or just for plain revenge. It also directs your attention towards the waning law and order conditions prevailing all around the world.
You ask yourself questions like, “How safe am I?” or “Can I trust him?”

We have forgotten how to trust because we are never sure if the other person is worthy of that trust.
We are afraid to be too good and easy for the fear that others will take it for granted.
We have stopped helping because we think of the many times that others didn’t help us.
We have stopped valuing life. We have stopped living it.

Due to Fear

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11 thoughts on “Living In Fear.

  1. I think the moral of the stories are:

    “Always help others even if it means death.”

    “Don’t be afraid to speak or you won’t get very far in life.”

    “Always be the upper hand person.” or “Do the right thing even when the other person doesn’t.”

    Take chances because life is what you make it; don’t make it fear.


    • Hi snakeshe! Thank you for your comment 🙂 But with all due respect, I think I disagree.
      “Always help others even if it means death.” – but not when that death or sacrifice is not valued; is forgotten.
      “Don’t be afraid to speak or you won’t get very far in life.” – True. But who would come out and speak in the real world when you have a danger of putting yourself in harm’s way.
      “Do the right thing even when the other person doesn’t.” – I didn’t quite understand how it fit the third story… maybe I’m missing something? Anyway, this moral is something I myself want to happen but it actually is easier said than done. I guess no gain without pain, eh?


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