There was this one thought that persisted. No. Actually, it was a variety of thoughts that left her restless. She couldn’t stop thinking irrespective of her rule, her motto – not to over-think things, not to blow them out of proportion. But this time she couldn’t help it. It was a disease – unhealthy – healing at a glacial pace.

Nevertheless whenever she tried to recollect her thoughts as one logical string of ideas, nothing surfaced. Everything was lost. Everything went blank, became insignificant. She thought, she lamented and she tried to recollect but failed.

After all, she never could take decisions on her own, even if they concerned only herself.


2 thoughts on “Tumult

  1. Very powerful. Every word has meaning, it is amazing…not a wasted word and such emotion. One of my favorites of all your work, as it leaves me asking and thinking about many things. Also, the photo complements the writing very well.


    • Thank you so much, Randall! Actually it is a description of my own feelings at the time. But I wanted people to relate with it (like you did) which is why I left it at that instead of expanding on the heart of the matter.


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