Smiling Faces (Part II)

[Continued from SMILING FACES (Part I)]

During lunch, George asked Brooke, “So what are your plans? How are we going to spend our time?”
“Hmm… I don’t have any plans as such but lets see… Lets go catch a movie?”
“A movie?!” William chimed in, “No, no. We can watch a movie any day. We don’t need a vacation for it! No. Lets do something different. Who’s in for adventure sports?” he asked, suddenly enthused.
“ME!” George exclaimed.
“Oh I guess it’ll be fun…” Brooke said, a little hesitant.
“It’ll be more than that!” George paused, “Brooke Wright, you’re gonna have the most amazing time of your life!”
“Oh please!” she punched him playfully on the arm, “But where are we going to go?”
“Don’t worry about that.” William joined in, “Just be ready after lunch. And don’t wear anything expensive or new.”
“Why not?” she asked, puzzled.
“Trust me.” William smiled and also hoped that she won’t relate this remark to their past. She didn’t.


“PAINTBALL?!” Brooke gasped.
“Woohoo!! I knew you wouldn’t disappoint us, Will. You rock!” George cried. “This is the most amazing surprise you’ve given us.  Brooke, lets please enjoy it?”
Brooke sighed. “Paintball. Yayy.” she dragged.

In spite of herself, Brooke enjoyed paintball. She was giggling and squealing and she was, much to the dismay of her company, pretty good at aiming. They were still chuckling and laughing as they left the field.
“Will,” Brooke said between laughs, “I have to give this one to you. This was…” she chuckled, “This was serious fun!”
“Thanks!” Will beamed.
“I’m hungry…!” George interrupted. “Can we eat now?”

They decided to try some local flavor and went in a small restaurant. They ordered for a prawn curry and rice.
“Will that be enough?” Brooke asked, looking at the guys.
“I’m hungry but I’m tired. I don’t want to go to bed feeling heavy so I’m going to eat little. Its enough for me unless you guys want more…” George explained.
Both, Brooke and William, decided it’ll be enough.
They ate in silence, all of them suddenly too tired to speak, and went back to the house.


Next morning, George wasn’t feeling too well.”What’s up?” William asked him.
George groaned, “I’m sick.”
“Suddenly? What happened?”
“A long time in the loo and I think I’m about to throw up.”
“Oh… food poisoning.” William observed. “Did you ta-”
George flee the room as Brooke entered.
“What’s wrong with him?” she inquired.
“Food poisoning.” William replied.
“Oh no. I’ll go check if I have Electral here.”
William nodded, “And I’ll go check on him.”

George was lying down on the bed when William entered.
“Brooke is fixing some Electral for you. I think it was the prawns… Anyway, what you need is a lot of rest and lots of fluid to keep you from dehydration. Do you want anything?”
George nodded. “I need you people to go out and have fun instead of being locked up here while I get better.”
“Now that is not a choice,” Brooke said as she entered the room with two bottles, one filled with water and the other with Electral.
“Ah. Room service. Lovely.” George joked. “But I’m serious. We don’t know how long it’ll take for me to get better and the last thing I want is for you guys to monitor me when you can enjoy the country.”
“I see you’ve got it all figured out.” William said.
“Oh shut it, Will. I’m doing you both a favor. Not get lost from here and go out.” He stopped and added as an afterthought, “Or I won’t drink any of this.” He waved a hand towards the bottles that Brooke was holding.
They sighed.
“He is hot on blackmail.” Brooke said to William.
“You are hot on blackmail.” Both of them said to George and then all of them burst out laughing.
“Okay. We’ll leave you in peace, Mr. Ellison.” Brooke decided.
“Ah thank you!” George replied. “Now go.”
And they left the room.


[Continued in SMILING FACES (Part III)]


2 thoughts on “Smiling Faces (Part II)

  1. Paintball…love it, even though I have never played it. For some reason the way you described that scene made me smile. Quick, but it was neat to see Brooke go from sullen to excited. Looking forward to the next installment 🙂


    • Thanks! 🙂
      Believe it or not, I myself have never played paintball. I just imagined how it must be. Otherwise, I think I’d have given details, if I would’ve played it.


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