Smiling Faces (Part IV)

[Continued from SMILING FACES (Part III)]

Next morning, although George was feeling better he decided against going out.
“I think I’ll take another day off, guys. I don’t want to worsen my condition again by taking liberties.”
They understood and left without protest.

William and Brooke decided to walk on the beach as it was a beautiful weather; the sky was grey and there was a cool breeze.
“I think it is going to rain today!” Brooke said enthusiastically. She absolutely loved rains.
William smiled to himself. He loved that look of childlike innocence mixed with mischief on the face of his ex-girlfriend. “Maybe.” He realized, maybe this look was what attracted him to her. How many times, he wondered, does it happen that you can just look at a person be?
She looked at him and said quietly, “What happened?”
William started. “Hmm?”
“Your ‘maybe’ … it was kind of sad…”
“Oh its nothing! Was just thinking about something.” He said, not looking at her.
She continued looking at him, searching for any signs of sadness on his handsome face but when he looked at her, she looked away lest she should give away her own emotions.
William understood but he didn’t like it.

That night, it rained. It was raining heavily and William knew exactly what Brooke must be doing. She was on the terrace, standing in the rain.
He knew he had to do it then; there wouldn’t be another perfect time.
He climbed the stairs and went up on the terrace. She was there, her eyes, he thought, were closed.
He went up to her and touched her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked at him.
“Marry me.” William said.
Although the rain had drowned his voice, she understood what he had said. She stood there studying his face and after a few silent moments had passed, she kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “Okay.”


A month after their marriage, when Brooke was turning the pages of their wedding album, William came from behind her and rested his chin on her head while also looking at the photo that she was looking at. It was a photograph clicked at their reception ceremony – A snapshot of the bride and groom with the best man, George.

A snapshot of smiling faces.


[The End]

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