‘Quick Quotation Day’

So recently I announced on Pictures From Her Window, that the last day of every month is going to be a ‘Monthly Mosaic Day’.
Fiction O’Clock came to know about it and was almost at the end of its tether when I decided to do something about it.  To my relief, this beloved blog loved the idea and wanted me to go ahead with it. And so I did.

This post is, my fine readers, to tell you about that idea.
I have decided to post a quotation, every first day of every month, and to call it ‘Quick Quotation Day’.

These quotes will actually have been picked up from books that I have read, TV shows that I have watched, things that I have heard, things that I have thought of, and some that I found on the internet and possibly on other blogs.

My criteria is going to be simple – the language should be beautiful and so should be the meaning (or message), if any. That’s right, some quotations that I post here might not have any meaning or message but only their brilliance in terms of literature.

I have numerous sentences which I wrote in my little blue notebook with a little red fountain pen, just beautiful words I’ve come across – that is what you are going to be reading on this blog at the beginning of every month.

These are sentences that I sometimes read when I’m feeling low. Not because they connect with the problem at hand, no. In fact all of them are very unrelated and from different sources. They make me calm down because of the beauty of their words, the skill of their authors. They amaze me.

So the month of August has already started and co-incidentally I quoted a dialogue from a famous TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy” on 1st August, 2013. So there you have it, the Start button has already been pressed and although I want to put this process on fast forward I won’t because patience pays.

Wow. I didn’t have any intention of writing this long an article for an announcement! Anyway, I’m not going to add to its length any more.

Meghna N


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