India Laments, “I Think I’ve Lost My Mind.”

Right to Equality, they say is fundamental. How fundamental? Well, I guess that is the question of the day.

Today, India is plagued by many, many problems of its own on almost every front – economical, social, political, national! But this post isn’t going to be about the falling rupee, or the false promises of new politicos or the creation of new states.


This post is about how some people decide to run the country on their own terms and why we, as a nation, allow them to do so.

A few days back, a self-made god-man and spiritual leader (just one among many), Asaram Bapu, was accused by a 16-year-old girl of sexually assaulting her in his Jodhpur ashram. Are the allegations true? Only time will tell.

My questions? Why was this man, a potential rapist and a so-called ‘walking figure of morality’ not taken in custody the day the charges were pressed? Why are his followers protesting against his arrest (as per recent developments)? Why is he being given the VVIP treatment and not what he deserves?
My answer? Because he is a “respectable man” of considerable means (and reach) and an allegation like this, only tarnishes his already tarnished image.

Asaram: Godman OR Criminal?

Asaram: Godman OR Criminal?

For those interested, here is Asaram’s Flawless Record.

Asaram Bapu’s comments about the infamous 2012 Delhi gang rape only show how sensitive he is towards a delicate matter like sexual abuse. The problem lies in the casual manner we treat the criminals and the way we, as a society mock the victim, blame her, torment her. As per recent developments, Asaram will be getting a maximum of seven years in prison. That’s it?

Do rapists not deserve a life sentence? Do they really deserve a second chance when their victim suffers every single day? According to Indian law, the death sentence is reserved for the “rarest of the rare cases”.  Define rare for me, will you?


The above thoughts bring me to another: What standards have we, as nationals, set for tolerance? Why do we tolerate the shoving of rusty, iron rods in a woman’s private parts? Why do we tolerate the murder of two youths trying to help women in distress, in broad daylight? Why do we tolerate eight men gang-raping a female on a busy street while the audience records it on their phones, enjoying themselves? Why do we blame the victims of such hideous crimes instead of supporting them? When do we plan to do something about it?

Some will say, it isn’t our fault. Man never can be a great judge of character – if so, all con-men will go out of business! And it is true, to some extent.
While declaring India a democratic state, we the people have made ourselves hugely dependent on the government. When they said “of the people, by the people and for the people,” I think we took them for their word.

Big mistake. HUGE.
The words of, by and for just lost their meanings.

When a juvenile commits a crime, no matter how inhuman, he gets a punishment not worthy of being called punishment. Even if a man of age 17 years and 11 months, killed a 51 year old lady, robbed her of her belongings and her dignity, then cut her into several pieces only to feed to the dogs, he’ll get away with just three years in a correctional facility, which is the maximum punishment for a juvenile, never mind the crimes he committed. THAT is how India works. The sad part, however, is that that is where it remains.

Courtesy: The Times Of India (September 1, 2013)

Courtesy: The Times Of India
This cartoon was printed in a leading newspaper, The Times Of India, on September 1, 2013. The man with the white beard is Asaram.
It excellently shows how Indian laws are abused and used as a smoke-screen.
“Duniya Ke Neta” – the name of the strip – translates into, “The World’s Politicians”.

Why are we unable to see change on all fronts? When will man put his ideals, his humanity ahead of his greed and lust? When will we learn to respect each other? What will make us respect each other? When will we realize that all humans are equals and are to be treated as equals? When will that day come when I won’t hesitate to take a stroll in a public park at night or when I will be able to ask for a lift in broad daylight, without doubting the man’s intentions?

Does such a day even exist?

Image Courtesy:
The Times Of India

4 thoughts on “India Laments, “I Think I’ve Lost My Mind.”

  1. Wow, this is a very powerful piece of writing. The politics of power exist everywhere, and while it seems futile at times to attempt to battle such cases of corruption and abuse…it takes brave souls to write about it and act. The USA has similar systems of justice, where those in power can afford legal minds that work relentlessly to get their clients off “free”…at the core is simple greed, corruption via power.

    Very well written post Meghna. Powerful and by vocalizing your opinion, your voice adds to the volume of others and it will make a difference. While there is still such a long, long way to go in battling such evils ~ we all have made the world better than where is was in the past. Granted, the progress is happening way too slow…


    • I wish bringing a change were that easy. I mean, there are so many people like them out there, ready to con you, to use you and they are so powerful, so influential, and have a very strong hold on Indian society. That makes it all the more difficult to fight them.
      What’s more is that the government also sides with them. Not very long ago, an IAS officer, Durga Sakthi Nagpal took action against the sand mafia thriving in Noida, India. Soon after, or I should say, immediately after, she was transferred to another office by the Chief Minister of the state citing loopholes in the investigation as the reason.
      That is why in the post, I mentioned that we have made ourselves hugely dependent on the government and therefore cannot fight back.
      Anyway, as you say, all is not lost. There still is some hope. Let us see what happens.
      Thank you, Randall.


  2. It’s sad to hear what’s happening in your country…but i think it’s everywhere….it’s the small people who are always affected 😦


    • Thank you, Fae.
      Yes. The unfortunate thing is that this happens all around the world which makes all humans stand in the same line, what then makes some above all? That is my question.
      Most of the people that I know or have come across think the same way as we do, have the same anger, but even then change ceases to take place…


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