To Do or Not To Do? Na-Blo-Po-Mo.

So its the second day of November today and I’ve received quite a few e-mails about NaBloPoMo in my inbox. I’m just wondering if I should have a go at it but I’m not quite sure because in the past, I’ve failed. Time is precious! Is and was.

And then I’m facing all my doubts… Will I be able to deliver everyday? Publish posts good enough so you enjoy them? I don’t know. But then, should that stop me from at least giving it a shot?

NO! Absolutely not.

After all, I wouldn’t know until I try. And so I’m going to try.

And wasn’t it just yesterday that I said something? That’s right. Lets stick to it then, shall we?

So dear readers, please bear with me if on some days my posts make you feel like finding a burly man with bloodshot eyes to tell me NEVER TO BLOG AGAIN or if on some days you feel like going on a picnic with me! I’ll try my best to post something everyday no matter how short, no matter how long. Just something that makes some sense!

I just added Fiction O’Clock to the Official BlogHer 2013 Blogroll (I am on #1405! 😛 ). You know what makes this hard is that now I’ll be working in a team. Ah, now I cannot falter.

Wish me luck!

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