Those Mysterious Messages. (Part I)

After an exhausting day, all one can ask for is a good night’s sleep. But as fate would have it, sleep eluded her. It was 1.43 when she finally closed her eyes and drifted away…

She stirred.
She shot her eyes open. The room was filled with white-blue LED light. She looked at the digital clock on her bedside table. It flashed 02:00 in neon red.
She groaned and looked at the bright screen of her phone with squinted eyes.

It was an MMS. She was so deliciously sleepy that the prospect of lying awake all night just so she could check a message didn’t tempt her. She put the phone down, and went back to sleep without checking her phone.

Next morning she had completely forgotten about the message until her mom called her to ask how she was doing.
“Ahan, yes. Take care, mom. I’ll come around soon. Okay?”
“You too Eliza. I love you honey.”
“Love you. Bye.” she said as she put the phone down.
This is when she noticed that little envelope at the top of the screen and remembered about the message.

She went to the inbox of her phone and loaded the message.
What she saw chilled her to the bones. It was a photo. Just a photo without any caption or explanation of any sort.

The photo was of her mother sitting at a cafe reading a book. It was clicked from outside the big glass window of the cafe without her mother’s knowledge, Eliza assumed. The photo had been morphed. Eliza noticed that the sender had covered her mother’s hands in blood.

Why would somebody send to her her mother’s photograph? And the morphing? What could explain that?
She went over to see the message details but the caller ID said, “Unknown”.

She had just talked to her mother so she knew everything was okay. She had to wonder, although, if this was just a prank or if the sender was sending a message. Eliza was nervous. She decided to go see her mother that very afternoon. But how would she explain why she ‘came around’ so soon? She didn’t want to worry her mother, especially if this was just someone playing dirty.




13 thoughts on “Those Mysterious Messages. (Part I)

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  3. Wonderful writing, it is a great opening to this story…but mostly like the suspense of the message. It is like something we have all done, mundanely forgotten about a message earlier and checking, and then to see it turn into something macabre. Can’t wait to read more…


  4. I wish I could write stories like this. But every time I try it comes out different than I thought it in my head. So frustrating! 😦

    But off me, I love this story… very suspenseful. cant wait for the rest =]


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