Those Mysterious Messages. (Part II)

[Continued from THOSE MYSTERIOUS MESSAGES. (Part I)]

Eliza was sweating profusely although the air was cool.
“C’mon mom… Open the door!” she muttered.

She rang the door bell again but there was no answer. She took out her own key to the door and went in.

“Mom?” she called, “Mom? Are you home?”
She checked the rooms one by one. In the kitchen, she found a teapot on the stove, the water was still boiling. She turned the gas off.
She hurried to the bedroom and found the sheets thrown across the bed, the lamp on the floor. She barged into the bathroom. Nothing.
“Mom? Mama?! Where are you?” she almost cried.
She checked the library upstairs, and then came to the living room downstairs. She found her mother’s reading glasses and phone on the table. But there was no sign of her mother.

How is it possible? She wondered. How could the door be locked from the inside when there is nobody here?! Where is my mother?? She was frantic with worry.

Then it struck her. THE GARAGE! She hadn’t checked the garage. She flew out of the door and went straight to the garage, ignoring the “Hey! Eliza! Eliza?” the neighbour just greeted her with.

She opened her garage door and there she was. Her mother was sitting on a chair with her back towards her daughter.
“Mom!” Eliza exhaled with relief. “Oh thank God! Mom?”
Her mother didn’t stir. At all.
“Mom?” Eliza went to her. The red hair of her mother caught the light from the overhead lamp. The hair weren’t their usual bouncy self; they were drenched.

Mom..” The words hardly came out more than a whisper. Eliza put a hand on her mother’s shoulder. This caused her mother’s hand to fall out limply and lifelessly from her lap. The palms were covered with red paint, like blood… like in the photo.

The same red paint had been used to write on the wall:

They had left a message on the wall...

Eliza shuddered and stepped back slowly. Her phone beeped.
It said,

Unknown – 1 New Message’

Eliza’s hand was trembling when she pressed the green button. The message contained just one word:

… Eliza.


[Continued in Those Mysterious Messages. (Part III)]

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