Those Mysterious Messages. (Part IV)


With numerous questions in her mind, Eliza continued reading backwards. The entry dated July 23, 2013 caught her eye. This was what it said:


Her mother had always disliked nosy people and so the unwanted attention that her parents’ divorce got, drove her mother into her shell. Her father had betrayed the two of them, had started a family with another woman while in marriage with Marian Moore. It was too much to bear – the typical family drama. Her father… Oh she’d rather never see him again, the mere thought of him made Eliza’s blood boil.
The second paragraph, however, shone upon Eliza like a bright ray of hope. Mrs. Norbury! Oh Mrs. Norbury… What do you know? Mrs. Norbury was on the committee of the Bonsai Club and held a powerful and influential station. It was very unlike her to be so nervous.

Without wasting another minute, Eliza flipped the page to read the post dated July 24, 2013 again. But it was completely disconnected from the previous post. No mention of her mother’s dialogue with Mrs. Norbury or further interaction was apparent. She knew what she had to do now – she needed to meet Mrs. Norbury, that very day.

She locked the house, although she knew it wasn’t much use; they had full access to the house and her mother’s belongings were as safe as they’d be if all the doors and windows were left open 24*7. Should I carry the journals with me? In case, Mrs. Norbury tries to deny…? Hmm. I should. They aren’t safe here, as it is.

She left her mother’s house and went to her own, took a quick shower, made sure all was okay and left for the club’s offices. On the way, she grabbed a BLT and was on the way to a nearby cafe when her phone beeped.

“Give us the journals.”

Eliza stopped short. Were they at the house? Were they following her? She was sure of one thing, though – she was definitely being watched. Suddenly, she was not too sure of going to meet Mrs. Norbury. I cannot put her at risk too! What if they try to harm her into silence? Damn it! She was back to square one. She was clueless again. She looked around in despair and found a public phone booth. Should I risk it? Hell, yeah.

She walked to the booth and punched in Mrs. Norbury’s number.
“Hello?” said a confident female voice.
“Mrs. Norbury?”
“Yes. This is?”
“Hi. This is Eliza…”
“… Who?” the once confident voice cracked.
“Eliza Moore? Marian Moore’s daughter?”
Mrs. Norbury paused.
“Hello?” Eliza tried.
Mrs. Norbury had disconnected the call.

Eliza stood in disbelief and decided to try again. The call was received but no one spoke.
“Hello? Mrs. Norbury? Please don’t put the phone down… Please hear me out?”
No answer.
“Mrs. Norbury I know you’re there. My mother has been murdered and I know you know something about it. Just tell me what it is. PLEASE!”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she replied in a lifeless voice, very dull, very low.
“I read about your warning in my mother’s journal. You had asked her to protect herself and me. Protection from what? Please please help me out. You’re my only hope, Mrs. Norbury. Please understand…” Eliza was on the verge of breaking down.
“Eliza, I’m sorry for your loss but listen and listen closely. Never again are you to contact me after today. Do you understand? NEVER.”
“I understand.” Eliza sobbed.
“And you didn’t hear this from me. Your mother was involved with some very dangerous people. Actually, she was forced into this by – No. NO! I didn’t mean to! PLEASE! Pl – ”
There was a loud explosion at Mrs. Norbury’s end. A very loud one. And then dead silence.
“Mrs. Norbury? Hello? HELLO? Are you ok? Mrs. Norbury?!”
“Tch tch tch… poor Mrs. Norbury paid the price for Eliza’s foolishness.” said someone slowly. It was a male voice… a hoarse whisper which shocked Eliza to the core. The receiver slipped from her hand and swung near her knees, its cord contracting and expanding and finally just hanging loose, like her mother’s hand hung – lifeless and cold.


[Continued in Those Mysterious Messages. (Part V).]

7 thoughts on “Those Mysterious Messages. (Part IV)

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  2. It would be great to have this story continue out…that is one thing I’d enjoy, a continuation of a story that I could have every day. Of course, off to China Tuesday afternoon with zero WordPress access, so I’d have to play catch up when I return 🙂

    Also, very nice Gravatar photo, was it taken during Diwali?


  3. And so it continues… 🙂

    You are great at creating suspense and mystery, and I am trying to think what path you are going to go down next with this story. Fun, fun read, superb writing Meghna.


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