Some Art, This.

A few days back, I had expressed my desire to learn how to paint. And the following will tell you why I need to learn it! Now I wouldn’t call them paintings but I though I could share them with you, here.
It is a little embarrassing for me, dear reader, so please be kind.


P. S. – For those of you who were expecting the next instalment of ‘THOSE MYSTERIOUS MESSAGES.‘, please be patient. I had to go out today and so I’m left with nothing to think with the help of. Please give me some time to develop the plot further and I promise to be back with it soon. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Some Art, This.

  1. Wow, these are excellent. It shows you have the talent for painting and drawing… Some folks (like me) can spend a lot of time over a sheet of paper with the proper equipment, and come out with something that looks likes a 5-year old drew it 🙂 Very well done, and look forward to seeing more (and perhaps the thought about what is behind the drawing & painting…that would be neat). Cheers!


    • Haha! Thank you Randall!
      I guess I’ve presented a very biased view of things – posting what looked good. I think I’ll post something not-so-pretty sometime soon. Don’t worry, you’ve got company! 😉


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