Those Mysterious Messages. (Part VI)

So Eliza… What’s it gonna be? Sit back and watch the show or find out the culprit? The threat made by the unknown caller, the one who had murdered Mrs. Norbury rang in her ears: “… Stop digging or I’ll have to pull the trigger.”

Eliza was not somebody who was scared so easily. I have to find my mother’s murderer, even if only for selfish reasons, even if it is only to mind my peace and balance. With that in mind, she got up, not really knowing where to go next or what to do, when her phone buzzed:

Don’t take our words lightly, E.

Why were they so soft towards her? Why were they not as ruthless towards her as they were towards her mother and towards Mrs. Norbury? How come she was still alive when they could’ve easily killed her as soon as she started on this track? This thought propelled her into the direction of a deeper dig even more.

She looked through the journals once more. And flipped the page to come to the post dated March 15, 1992, which stopped her in her tracks. This is how it went:

Journal entry ivTears rolled down Eliza cheeks. Her mother had cared for her, had always protected her and had asked for only one thing in return. Could she refuse it? Could she deny her mother’s last wish? NO. She loved her too dearly to be able to do that.

“I promise, mama. And oh! I forgive you! I love you. I love you!” she sobbed on the pages of her mother’s journal, “And  I’m sorry I couldn’t save you…”


[The End.]


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