Lets Go Contemporary? Nyet, Ni Nada!

You ask me if I want to go modern and that is what I’ll say to you – “No, there is no need.” Although you might get your answer in English instead of Russian.

‘The only thing constant is change.’ – I’m sure you’ve heard that one before. I support change. Change is the need of the hour but still … old is gold, eh?
I found so many results for ‘young at heart’ on the the internet; why is nobody ‘old at heart’?

As a student of commerce, while studying ‘Communication’, we were always told that letters don’t have a personal touch, that they are very formal. As writers, I think we all would disagree… I mean, we love our words and their writers, don’t we? I feel, words bind us. They can be reread, refreshing the memories and sentiments behind those words.
Personally, I think nothing can beat hand-written letters – not phones, not on-line chats or emoticons (I say “emoticons” with tight lips and hooded eyes. -_-) Absolutely not. The charm of reading letters in the handwriting of the sender – how do you get more personal?! But to each their own. I completely respect your choice if you like telephone conversations better than checking your post. I Love Letters! 

Next I’d like to take your attention to fountain pens.
I visit a stationery shop, any time of the day, and you’ll see me drooling over fountain pens! (For that matter, I love stationery – notebooks: hard covers or spiral bound, pens, and everything… if only you could buy it and never use it!) What is it about fountain pens that nothing can beat?
Fountain pens and pencils, yes – now that’s fair competition.
The swirl of your cursive T’s, P’s, F’s and L’s… all so pronounced, so beautiful when written in ink. I love looking at the paper soak up the royal blue ink (that I use) as soon as I lift the pen from the paper. (You think I’m crazy? Join the club!)

Hmm… what next…?
Bollywood music! Definitely. Its amusing, today’s Bollywood music is. The lyrics of the song constitute of a handful of words which, unfortunately, make no sense. And there was a time when there used to be seven paragraphs of beautiful, meaningful words all arranged together in a beautiful melody.
The songs of then had soul, emotion, power.
The songs of now are hollow, mindless, forced.

Hand. Drawn. Animations! 

Tom And Jerry (Then and Now)

I find the charm of hand-drawn animations unbeatable! ‘Tom and Jerry’ is the best example. Others in line would be ‘Mickey Mouse’ or maybe ‘Bambi’. So I think its pretty clear that my vote will go to the ‘Tom and Jerry’ of the right-hand side. And about the new digital animations … ah… no comments. (Is digital the right word to use? I don’t know… I’m illiterate when it comes to technology.)

So right now, this is pretty much all I can think of.
So are you, dear reader, ‘old at heart’ like me?

P. S. – Pocket watches! I forgot pocket watches. I heart pocket watches! Haha!


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