Someday! (Part II)

As promised, here is the second and final instalment of my bucket list.
Find the first instalment, here!


  • Someday, I’d like to eat at a three hat restaurant.
  • Someday, I’d like to know with satisfaction that I’ve helped the society or have brought about a change, however minor.
  • Someday, I’d like to write to a pen pal on paper and post it!
  • Someday, I’d like to trek all day and then relax, watching the sun set in person – alone or with my significant other.
  • Someday, I’d like to become invisible and see what my favourite people do!
  • Someday, I’d like to be able to ask for a lift from a stranger (male or female) without a moment’s hesitation.
  • Someday, I’d like to go to a live jazz or Linkin Park music concert.
  • Someday, I’d like to click photos and capture scenes just by blinking my eyes or tapping my temples twice so that I capture exactly what I see.
  • Someday, I’d like to time travel.
  • Someday, I’d like to watch all Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep movies back to back.
  • Someday, I’d like to be able to fall asleep without telling my mind to shut up.
  • Someday, I’d like to read books all day long, continuously!


What is your most favorite, most wanted desire?

3 thoughts on “Someday! (Part II)

  1. someday I’d like to be on wipe-out
    someday I’d like to invent a mind reading machine
    someday I’d like to have 1000 followers
    someday I’d like to be able to fly without any wings
    someday [probably being today] i want to start a bucket list =]


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