Unjust Father. Upset Son.

So I closed my eyes and typed out ten words on my phone’s T9 keypad with the prediction on. This is what I got:

Wilfully, Unpunctual, Point, Truly, Plant, Upset, Jury, Unjust, Would, Vault.

Why did I type? I thought I’d take it as a challenge – A challenge to figure or draw something out of ten random words.
Please find the above words in the short story below. They are written in the Italian script. Thanks!


The man was running as fast as he could in his suit. He had a briefcase in his hand. A glance towards his watch and he knew things won’t be smooth. He cursed as he stepped in a pothole, the mucky water ruining his polished Italian leather shoes.

Meet Mr. Durham, a fresh law graduate. He is late, as can be made out. He is running to grab his first-ever opportunity in the legal world – his ‘break’ – which seems to be slipping away. Mr. Durham, or Stefan, let us call him that, was thrown into the study of law because of family pressure. His father was the owner of a prestigious law firm and so all fingers pointed towards Law as the only career option for this young man.

(I know what you’re wondering. The answer is no – nothing in the Durham family is wilful; it is all forced upon its members by the owner of the prestigious law firm.)

Somehow, Stefan finally managed to reach the doors of Durham & Cooper Pvt. Ltd. As soon as he entered the beautiful, well-lit offices of his father’s firm, Mr. Durham Senior’s PA, Mrs. Davis, a 50-something widow (but sharp as a needle), raised an eyebrow and said, “You’re late,” in her high-pitched voice, “Mr. Durham is expecting you.”
“Is he upset?” Stefan asked, short of breath.
“I think you should go in immediately, is all I can say.”

*Knock Knock*
“Sir?” Stefan asked nervously as he entered the office of his father.
“Come in, Mr. Durham.”
Stefan went in. The fact that he was not invited to sit down only aggravated his nervous state of mind.
“You know I’m truly disappointed in you, Mr. Durham.” His father addressed him straight-faced in a very business-like tone; very formal. “This being your first step into the world of Law, I’d expect you to be punctual. But unfortunately, you are late. And by 20 minutes, sir.”
“I’m afraid I have no excuse, sir. Please accept my apologies.” Stefan replied, with some confidence. After all he was the son of the most sought-after lawyer!
“As expected.” The father replied grimly.
A third person would never have guessed that the two parties of this dialogue were father and son. But the truth remains the truth. An unjust world, this.

“I assume you have studied the case at hand, Mr. Durham?” The father continued, reluctant to waste another minute arguing with this unworthy and unpunctual son of his.
“Yes sir, I have.”
“Then you are aware that the defendant has applied for a re-trial in the court, accusing the plaintiff of planting the jury in the first?”
“I am.”
“Very well. I require you, therefore, to assist me on this case, Mr. Durham.”
“At your service, Mr. Durham.”
“The first thing that you need to do is to get orders from the court to seal all wine vaults of the plaintiff, here and those in Bilbury Hills.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Well? Don’t you want to be writing that down, Mr. Durham?” The father asked impatiently. “Do you truly believe me to teach you the basics of the profession now, Mr. Durham?” The father was now in a temper.
“I-I’m sorry, sir. I will write that down, of course.” And Stefan produced a pen and pad from the inner pockets of his coat.
Mr. Durham Senior exhaled.
“After getting the orders, you’ll require search warrants for …”



What? You were expecting me to get into the details of the case? Oh my. I’m just a little fiction writer! Please.


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