Lavender Blood (Part III)

[Continued from LAVENDER BLOOD (Part II)]

Although she was still a little slow because of the drugs, she tried to shout, “Hey!” which was more of a croak. The drugs which had been forced down her throat had left it sore. So now she was rendered mute and immobile. Great!

Just then the lock on the only door turned and two men came in. Pretend Darla! Pretend! And she closed her eyes, faking unconsciousness.
“Fuck it! She is shot!” One of them growled, “All them shitheads had to do was to bring a girl, CLEAN.”
“Yea you bet.. What now?” the other replied.
“Dunno man! The price is gonna go low…” He cursed again. “One bloody thing!”
“I’ll send Ava in.. She’ll clean this mess.”
“Yea you do that.. I’m gonna handle K.”

When they went out, Darla opened her eyes. The conversation made no sense to her except that the men who just went out worked for a man they called ‘K’ and that she was being held for ransom.


Ava came in, cleaned Darla. By then Darla had stopped pretending. She asked Ava to help her but in vain. The men came in, asked for Darla’s contact information. Darla thought if she should give Gordon’s number since he was the only one she called family. But she was doubtful if Gordon wanted anything to do with her, now. She gave his number anyway.
The kidnappers called Gordon who responded in Darla’s favour.
Gordon contacted the police, against the wishes of the kidnappers. The kidnappers were caught, the ransom not paid. Darla was saved, the lovers reunited, the air cleared.

And they lived happily ever after.




Author’s Note
I feel like I’ve cheated you, dear reader. The plot got very boring and lacked originality. And I didn’t want to continue writing something I’m sure you’ve already read before when I can serve you with some better work. Hence, the summarised end.
Am I forgiven…?


2 thoughts on “Lavender Blood (Part III)

  1. I cheated and saw the ending… 🙂 Happily every after is nice 🙂
    Of course this may make reading parts 1 & 2 more difficult (or easy, since I know it is a happy ending…)


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