In Love A Little More.

He was looking down at his feet.
“I’m being very selfish.”
“Yes.” She replied in a whisper.
“…But I don’t love her anymore. I love you!”
“I know that, love.”
“She… ah… she is not the Madeleine I proposed to…” He closed his eyes and sighed. “Are we doing the right thing, Cora?”
“In the long-run, yes.” Cora paused. “You are going to have to break her heart, Aiden. She is going to hate you for it but in the long-run, I think, it is what is best for the both of you. Its no use getting into a marriage where the love is lost…”
“Oh Cora! What should I do?” Aiden held his head in his hands.

Cora looked at Aiden and it broke her heart, seeing him so upset. He wants to do what is right by all! Cora and Aiden were alone on a city terrace which overlooked the whole town. The moon shone brightly and embraced the lovers in its glory. In the background was that eternal yet comforting hum of the traffic.
Cora first met Aiden when he accompanied Madeleine to her boutique for the tailoring of Madeleine’s wedding dress. Aiden seemed like a quiet guy while Madeleine was quite controlling. Cora couldn’t help notice the man in the plaid blazer while his to-be wife blabbered on. They locked eyes several times and each time Aiden was the first one to look away. But little did Cora know that he had his eyes glued on her each time she got busy with the bride.
Their interest in each other blossomed with Aiden’s every visit to the boutique and Aiden knew something was different when he started finding excuses to accompany Madeleine to Cora’s shop. And then one day, they confessed of their love for each other. But now Aiden’s conscience was biting him.

“Talk to her. Don’t run away. Make her understand and I’m sure she’ll understand. She’ll forgive you, Aiden. If not today then tomorrow she will…” Cora assured him while silently hoping her words came true.
Aiden opened his eyes and stood up, his six feet stature towering over Cora’s petite frame. He looked down at Cora’s moon warmed pretty face, into her beautiful eyes and said huskily,
“I don’t know how you manage it.”
“Manage what?” She asked, stroking his cheek.
“My life seems to be spinning out of control and yet… yet I find peace every time I look at you.”
Cora smiled and moved her face forward.
Aiden bent his own and their lips brushed. It was the lightest pressure but it was reassuring. It was full of hope and love and warmth. It made the stars shine brighter and made the two fall in love with each other, a little more.
“I love you.” he said.
“I love you.” said she.


4 thoughts on “In Love A Little More.

  1. Nice…that is what true love often is. Torn with emotions, creating some conflict in life, but the happiness is the calm that is created when the two souls are embraced in moonlight (to borrow from your scene on the balcony). 🙂 Very well done!


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