From My Pen, Literally.


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You’ve seen my face, you’ve heard my voice. All that was left was this – my handwriting. (Drop that magnifying glass, Mr. Handwriting Analyst!)

So today’s BlogHer mail asked me:

How do you fell about the first blog post you ever wrote?

And I remembered how I felt.

I am going to be HONEST with you… I was in the shower when the opening lines to ‘The Lull Before the Storm‘ came to me. I came out in a hurry, grabbed the keyboard (Yes. Grabbed.) and started typing.
When I was done, I called my sister to have a look. I didn’t know what I was going to do with the post; I just wrote it. 
So, my sister liked what she read and she was the one to suggest that I start a blog.
At first, I thought she was messing with my head. But she said, “I’m serious. Start a blog, share your work there…  GO GLOBAL. We’ll see what happens.”
I went, “O-kay…”

She was the one who created my WordPress account and that’s how I came to create my first blog post on the 28th of November, 2010 (Three whole years! That’s hard to believe). 
Coming back to the question asked, I think I feel pretty good about what I wrote, no? (Have you read what I wrote?)

I started this blog with the idea of serving my readers with peices pieces (how many of you get confused with the placing of your I’s and E’s??) of fiction. The sub-title of this blog has always been,

Short stories, essays and more…

but the title has been changed. Initially, this blog was called ‘The White Marigold’ but then I changed it to ‘Fiction O’Clock’. (‘The White Marigold’ sounds more like a blog about gardening, so.)

Hmm… Have I covered everything? I think so.
But if you have any questions, shoot.

Oh yes! One more thing, (Just what happens when you write on paper – no ‘BackSpace’ key. Charming!) I can’t believe November is almost over. Did I actually publish a post a day?! I head over to the NaBloPoMo 2013 page (Have you been there?) and i go through the titles and tears glisten my eyes (Not really, no.) But I do feel proud of myself. I ACTUALLY DID IT!! 😀

Okay. More self-admiration tomorrow.
For now, I think you’ve had enough.

Just one more day to go!
Stay tuned.

       —-> The self-conscious fiction-writer just wrote a post loaded with (parenthesis)!!



2 thoughts on “From My Pen, Literally.

  1. Fantastic idea to show your writing… There is something warm and relaxing at looking at a written letter, it is very personal. You have incredible hand-writing, something that is becoming so rare in today’s world of keyboards and SMS. I like to think that at one time my hand-writing was pretty good, but everyone else disagrees and based on old papers/letters, I’d have to agree. You are lucky 🙂

    Also, interesting to hear about your first post… Three years! Congratulations…


    • Very personal, indeed. And thank you for saying that about my handwriting, ego boost! Haha! It was strange sharing this here.. strange yet exciting.
      Haha! I’m sure you handwriting couldn’t be that bad 🙂
      And I congratulate YOU for being such a loyal reader and thoughtful commenter. Thank you, Randall! 😀


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