So Surreal!

The table calender says, “30 November, 2013. Saturday.”
I don’t believe it.
My phone says, “30 Nov, Sat.”
My satellite TV reports, “20:42 – 30 November, 2013 (Saturday).”
BlogHer mail says “Your last prompt! Congratulations!”
The fog lifts. (But I head over to NA-BLO-PO-MO 2013 just to be sure.)
*Exaggerated? Thought so too.*

I know – Message received, loud and clear.

Its 30th November, people. NaBloPoMo ends today.
I did it! I did it! I DID IT!!
So Surreal.

When I started writing for NaBloPoMo, I was wading a river of doubt – I was clueless! I didn’t know if I’ll be able to find time to write a post each day; I didn’t know if quantity won’t compromise quality; I didn’t know if I’d do good enough. But I think I came across just fine. Agree?

One big lesson I learnt – You never find time, you always make it.

And now,
A big thanks to all my readers for encouraging me and bearing with me all month. Thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful comments; thank you for making me feel welcome.
A big thanks to my mother for letting me be on the computer all evening, all month.
A big thanks to WordPress for churning out such stimulating challenges time and again… And also for the prompts.
A big thanks to BlogHer for daily prompts and some very inspiring posts.
A big thanks to my brain for co-operating with me all month and not making me wait for inspiration to strike.
Hope I covered everything?
Oh! A big thanks to the government for preventing power-cuts this months!
Yep, all done now.

What? Missing me already? Don’t worry! I’ll be back with another post soon, but I won’t be doing a-post-a-day for some time now.

Time for dinner.
Dream sweet!


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