Linger On, My Love.

Dear readers,
What you are about to read is a shabby first attempt at writing poems by the young author of this blog – Meghna N. You may or may not like what you read but in any case, the author is looking at you expectantly for any kind of feedback. It is a request, therefore, that you do not disappoint her.
Please, share what you thought of this little poem. A few words of encouragement or a few deadly threats that make her drop her quill are all warmly welcome.

You may now proceed.


The night is heavy, the air is still;
Not a sigh.
Ah! Please stay, linger on,
Before you say, “Goodbye”.

I wish I could hold you;
Hold your hand.
I wish I could take you away,
Away, to a different land.

Ah! Please stay, linger on,
The time is not yet right.
Allow me to look at you before you look away
Into the deep, dark folds of the night.

Please look at me again,
Let me look into your eyes.
Let me tell you how much I want you,
When you turn away with a sigh.

I want to be able to read you,
And see the glow on your face.
I want to see your eyes light up
When the fog finally lifts.

Ah! Please stay, linger on,
Linger on in my arms tonight.
Let me know you love me too…
Or tell me, that you might.


The idea behind this poem came from the fog that lay still and low over the park that my house overlooks. As soon as I saw the fog, the line,ย “When the fog finally lifts,”ย flashed in neon green in my head. And I sat down and poured my ideas on a stray sheet of paper.

So? What is it going to be?
Hugs or guns?


11 thoughts on “Linger On, My Love.

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