A Cruel Joke.

Homosexuality in India is illegal according to a latest top court judgement.

Dear People,
I welcome you to a country where people are not free enough to practice their sexuality.
I welcome you to a country where a person’s honour is worth more than another person’s life, a country where a wife is a slave at the hands of her “God-like” husband; where being raped is now a proof of being a female.
I welcome you to a country where a person’s sexuality – natural or altered by choice – is chained in self-made convenient moral standards, and an excuse of taking such actions in the “interest of the coming generations”; a place where my sexuality and my love interests have suddenly become your business.

I welcome you to India.

Its surprising that in a time when we should be making intelligent laws to protect the LGBT community from harassment, we are making stupid ones that are bound to drive them underground, laws that will only add to their difficulties.
In this day and age, one expects you to be open-minded and informed and so this uneducated move by our highly-educated (questionable now) law-makers has come across as a huge shock.

I seriously hope, our law-makers become sensible again and soon.
This move is a mockery of human rights, a cruel joke.
It is the end of democracy as we know it.

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