Unnatural Standards!

Gay sex is unnatural? I’ll tell you what unnatural is.

Unnatural is calling and treating the most brutal offenders in our country as juveniles.

Unnatural is government officials asking for bribes.

Unnatural is stopping all traffic on a road for a good 15-20 minutes to let a VIP or VVIP car to pass.

Unnatural is following and defending a rapist only because he chose to call himself a ‘God-man’.

Something doesn’t become “unnatural” only because it supposedly goes against a society’s “established standards”.
The LGBT community is also a part of the same society and deserves respect and protection.

Gay sex is as unnatural as Rajnath’s balding!

A civil request to the Indian politicos,
Please refrain from exploiting the word “unnatural” like you have in the case of “democracy”, “unity” and “welfare”.


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