Am I Asking Too Much?

A second attempt at poetry, after this.


The rustling of the leaves,
The dancing of the trees,
The nip in the air,
The silence in the blare.

The music of your voice,
Makes my heart rejoice.
That softness in your touch,
… Am I asking too much?

The warmth in your cheeks,
Provides the solace my mind seeks.
The welcome in your eyes,
Never fails to paralyse.

Your love for me, my darling,
Makes me lose my mind.
My love for you, my darling,
Like an inferno burns bright.


4 thoughts on “Am I Asking Too Much?

  1. Very well done, I love the line “the silence in the blare” and then the final stanza which is what we all love to feel. And as to the title of the poem, it is perfect…because in many ways we always ask for too much, yet to us it is just what we deserve. Beautiful Meghna.


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