With every minute that passes by,
I ask myself if ever I
Will achieve all that I ever dreamt of
And not be perturbed by scoff or censure.

Sitting against that faithful oak,
I watched my doubts go up in smoke,
And a shy sense of purpose —
Awakened, dared and consoled.

My hair caught the uninhibited air,
(Which gently flipped the leaves of my journal)
And brought me to an entry where,
Success was the flavor and sorrow rare.

There went my spirits,
To accompany the wind.
And my thoughts went too,
To the days gone by.

‘What changed?’ I wondered,
‘What changed and torn my dreams asunder?
Was it the pointing and the pain?
Or just some efforts, made in vain?

‘A string of failures set aside,
What else had forced me to run and hide?
The glint of mockery in their eyes?
Or the expectations that I belied?’

“It was not them,” said I to I,
“Not them who had hurt my pride.
These insecurities were all of mine,
These questions – only a mirror to my mind…”

The cribbing and the crying
Was a waste of time.
What was required of me now
Was redemption anyhow.

And with this determination, newly-found,
My spirits and thoughts with hope abound,
Came back to the man whose dreams had soared —
To heights both new and slightly old.

“I can do it!” he declared to the skies,
“Oh yes I can!” to an onlooking child.
Straightening up, now satisfied,
He thanked the oak for standing by.

But before he put his pen on the ground,
He drew a circle, not quite round,
Around the date on which he had found —
A life remade, both safe and sound.


(Completed on the early morning of 14th January, 2013 at precisely 0158 hours.)


Failures dishearten us, especially when they come one after another. They make us feel unworthy. But we need to learn to look failure in the eye and never give up. We need to understand that if everything comes to us easily, we have not earned it. And our success will give us joy only when it is hard-earned.

So here is to learning life the hard way; to conquering our doubts and fears.
Here is to having the confidence to try… Because after all, we can do it!

8 thoughts on “Conquer.

  1. This poem is exactly what life is about. From the beginning to end, it reflects how life works (not sure if it was your intent but your poem grows from ‘just a thought’ at the beginning to ‘beautiful art’ in the last half of your work.) Dreams, defeat, rekindling of hope and the start of the pursuit again.

    So wonderful…beautifully worded. There is a sense of meaning and twists with each stanza. The final stanza is like this great sigh of relief, as the dream and dreamer become united again. So much good in this, and the last half of this poem is very powerful. My favorite stanza being:”‘A string of failures set aside, What else had forced me to run and hide? The glint of mockery in their eyes? Or the expectations that I belied?’”

    It is the point of reckoning that I think everyone experiences at some point, and from there it is finding the path to move forward (if not with full confidence, then at least with the idea that being true to your spirit will lead you along the right way). Great writing Meghna 🙂


    • Randall, I can’t thank you enough for this comment.
      I think everybody likes to see their work being understood and appreciated in this manner. So thank you for that.
      I am so glad you saw what I meant to show through this poem – that says something not just about my writing abilities but also about your capacity to think, interpret and relate.
      Thank you once again! 🙂


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