A New Chapter.

There they sat on the beach.
The sky was adorned with the dying fire of the sun; little stars waking up from their slumber, looking like embers in a dying fire.
The hushed whispers of the waves, like a silk gown rustling on the carpet.

And then he whispered next to her ear,
“You’re going to love it.”
She looked at him and smiled. She had always wanted to see a beach at night, it was something he had always told her about.
They waited, sitting next to each other, watching the sun go down…

“You know,” she started, “I was thinking we should go for a hike this weekend.”
He looked at her incredulously and then smiled with pursed lips. She understood and started laughing.
“Don’t tell me!” She said between chuckles. “We were not thinking about the same thing a-gain!”
He started laughing along with her. Perfect harmony. Pure.
“Get out of my head now, please!” He begged of her, still laughing.
“Haha! You know, I have a feeling I was the one who bought your brain…” she said,  responding to the unuttered inside joke.
“And heart?” He said huskily.
She looked at him. Her face glowing with warmth, eyes full of love.
“I didn’t buy it.”
He raised an eyebrow and she half-smiled before saying,
“I stole it.”

6 thoughts on “A New Chapter.

  1. That is a beautifully written piece…it has emotion, enough sparks to start a fire. Quite titillating in many respects, but so much more fun because of the dialogue. I think this is your piece piece. Out of all this, however, my favorite line is “The hushed whispers of the waves, like a silk gown rustling on the carpet” even with the great ending you created. Well done!


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