Dear Readers,

Hel-lo there!
Missed me?
Well, fear no more for I am back!

The past few months have been busy in every sense of the word. While I had my nose in textbooks from January itself, I was able to churn out new posts till the month of March. And then started the surprise hibernation (blame my university examinations) which lasted for almost two whole months.

But now I’m here, and I’m here to stay.

I’ve missed blogging so much! Almost as much as you guys missed me. (I really hope I’m not flattering myself!) Haha!

So now, I’ll be publishing new posts for you to read… I already have an idea or two for short stories in my head. And lets see how far my imagination can stretch, now that it has had quite some time to relax and warm-up.

Stay tuned for plots and twists that will (hopefully) make you want to read more.

I’ll be back with a new post, shortly.

Thanks for staying with me!

Fairfarren, all!

9 thoughts on “Dear Readers,

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