Writing As I Go.

Flowing water. Shivering branches. Glistening leaves. Rain-kissed Earth. Gentle breeze. Cool whispers of the water. The Sky, partially clouded. The Sun, a little shy.

You, next to Me. Our hands clasped together; Our fingers entwined. Your hair on your forehead. Your eyes looking down. Your cheeks, flushed.

The scent of the flowers flowing with the wind. The chirp of the birds soothing our senses. The calm of our minds. The synchronised beating of our hearts.

Suddenly, you clench the shoulder of my shirt. I find your gaze fixed at something, you’re frozen.

It’s just a bumble bee, I assure you. You don’t hear me, it seems. I put my arm around you. Does that feel better? You edge closer to me. Still not making any significant movements. You don’t want to distract the bee from the flowers. Stupid bee, ignoring the prettiest flower of them all… You.

You still don’t move. Not until the buzz is far away from you.

I sing your favorite song for you. “Dear my love, haven’t you wanted to be with me…” I feel you relaxing a little.

You’re still in my arms. The bumble bee is gone. But you’re still in my arms.

Your eyes are closed. You’re smiling. A smile only I recognize.

I smile back. I smile for you. Because of you.

Of course you don’t see it. But you know. You know because I just held you a little more closer. You came willingly. Happily.

We sit there. Enveloped in love and warmth. Motionless. Savouring every moment. Hearing each other breathing. Feeling each other’s heartbeat. Not wanting to let go…

I will never let go.

You can count on it.


Author’s Note:
This post is in response to the first prompt of the challenge: Writing 101.
I had formally participated in the challenge but I quit due to irregularities in my blogging schedule.



6 thoughts on “Writing As I Go.

  1. Nicely done. I like how there is no mention of the gender of the speaker. 🙂 Assumptions can be made but that’s all. It leaves it being whatever the reader wants it to be. Nice. I’m doing the 101 as well. Hope you don’t mind a Follower.
    Much Respect


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