At The Juncture Of Helplessness.

Ever felt the need to break free?
To experience newness?
Sometimes even strangeness?

And then realized that the need is not strong enough to make you oblivious of your inhibitions? Your presumptions? – The what-ifs and the fear?

Did you ever find yourself hanging – just hanging – helplessly? Not knowing if you should go right or left?
Or worse, if you should leave everything to fate and stay put?

Ever derided yourself for not being strong enough? Or independent enough? Or convincing? Or impulsive?

Ever noticed how you say that life is short and its not worth thinking about? Or fearing? Only to find yourself receding back in your shell the very next moment?

Did you ever try to find out ‘why’?

Did you find an answer?

Did that answer pacify your restlessness or did it make you more miserable?

Did you thrust yourself forward, not caring about the circumstances?
Or did you sit back in your room, thinking about the kind of people you’d meet, or the kind of sticky situations you might find yourself in?

Did you let that stop you?
Or did you make that an excuse to take the leap forward?

Have you lived?
Or have you not?


6 thoughts on “At The Juncture Of Helplessness.

  1. Yes and yes (and so on…). Usually that urge/need of breaking free is when there is a little chaos in life, so it really is a bittersweet period (mostly bitter at the time, but sweet in hindsight). It is pretty cool to see how this post is made up of rhetorical questions ~ and flows as if there are not any questions at all but rather words demanding self-exploration and insight. Pretty cool. Jumping into life sure ain’t easy, but it add the necessary spice need to live.


    • What you say is true but sometimes the need is felt when there is no chaos in life; when life is mundane. So yeah.. in the latter case, it is harder to ‘jump’. Because there is one reason less i.e. the need to escape that chaos. Get my drift? =)
      Thank you for the comment.


      • Very true…I think when life has stagnated a bit, that is when sometimes I feel the most chaotic (sounds like such a contradiction, but I think the two are knitted together closely), so yes I do get where you’re coming from.

        To expand on what you said, I do think that the mundane is very dangerous. A mundane life can be somewhat habit forming, and for a harsh analogy it is similar to sucking on an opium pipe…where the person is just ‘buying time’ as life rushes by. 🙂


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