A door opens, opens often,
To a dark place, full of noise.
Unfocused, uneasy, chaotic –
A territory known, yet strange.

Falling, falling,
A flicker of light.
Short-lived, like a dream,
Perpetual like one.

Questions, answers, all mismatched –
The Why with the Who,
The What with Because –
Closure, (sigh) a distant thought.

Black & White is just a sham,
Just another shallow consolation.
There is nothing like that –
There is only grey. Confusion.

Unpleasant memories,
Pleasant ones too,
Trigger a downward spiral,
Towards a ditch deep enough to drown.

Does this make sense to you?
Because I cannot make any.
Do you hear me screaming?
Or is the noise overwhelming?

Exasperated or plain miserable?
Too indecisive to know.
Am I doing enough or am I not?
Clueless and still, maybe I know…

This place I come to,
I’d rather forget –
‘Cause no matter how much I try,
I, almost always, fail to escape it.


2 thoughts on “Chaos.

  1. Powerful words and thoughts, almost feels as if I am getting sucked up in this chaos as well, a feeling of nowhere to go but having to go somewhere. Yet I still also see the beauty in it all…and then I can decide enjoy.


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