Notes From His Flute.

When the mood strikes in, there is no stopping me…
Last night, I felt a strong urge to draw. But since I am not good at executing images in my head, I needed a source. So I started looking around in my room and found this painting in an old table-calendar (which I had saved because of the art on it).

The source of my drawing, found in an old table calendar.

And it occurred to me that I could execute the above in pencil. Painting wasn’t an option because I’m not very good with a paintbrush. And so I ended up bent over my drawing notebook with a sharpened pencil in hand and an eraser close at hand.

What came out after about an hour and a half of work was this:

What I managed. DSC08760

And I am definitely not complaining!

How did you like it?

3 thoughts on “Notes From His Flute.”

  1. Impressive!!! There is something about people who have the gift of drawing, and I like your B&W drawing much better than the original 🙂 Something to be said for someone who can take an image they see, and from their mind have their hands create something special. Beautifully done Meghna…a talent along with your writing (could you write a story and also complement it with a drawing or two?!?). That would be great to see. Sometimes when I doodle it feels great, even though the end result is anything but… Cheers!


    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation, Randall.
      A story with my drawings sounds really interesting! I might just do it someday. 😀

      I would love to see your doodles (if you’d like to share them with me). I feel that our art reflects the state of our mind and for me, the fact that you can actually make something completely out of your head is a feat. And so, you cannot blame me if I’m unwilling to believe that they aren’t good. 🙂


      1. Look forward to seeing your blending of art ~ in a way it would be similar to writing & photography, but I would think with your own drawing it would be that much more 🙂



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