Is Love Enough?


I feel trapped right now. So I wonder if getting rid of this will liberate me.
I fear that I’m too moody for any stability; too cynical to see.

It is not like I don’t want to keep you, no. I’m just not sure if I should — simply because… I don’t know if it is the right thing to do; if this is for the long haul?

I won’t lie. I’m scared. I’m scared of having the liberty to decide for someone else you.

If I ask you, ‘Am I the one?’ what will you say? Yes, right away? I wonder why I cannot do the same. Because I’m afraid. Of myself. Of the future?

I wonder if it will be better if this doesn’t happen. Sometimes I feel it is too soon, like we are not thinking. I fear we will regret this… us. And I don’t want to regret.

Am I making sense to you?

…How can I let you go? You’re amazing! But is keeping you fair when I can’t give you my all?

Is this just confusion that shall pass? Or a signal not worth ignoring?

I do love you but… is love really enough?



[Continued in Distant.]

5 thoughts on “Is Love Enough?

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