It was 0509 hours when the horn of a neighbouring train woke me up. I closed my eyes again, I knew our train wasn’t moving and the passing of another train was an insignificant detail.
But the next thing I remember was waking up to a chaos of cries and sirens. And blinding light, moving – somebody was flashing their torchlight right in my face,
“Here! He is alive!”

I was lifted and carried out of what was once a train compartment… The smell of soot and charred flesh filled my nose. The sight of bloody bodies, evidences of a life lived – now lost, was all I could see. They were yelling, crying, throwing commands at one another,
“That body there!”
“Yes ma’am, we’re doing everything to find your child, please try and calm… Hey Roth! Do you see that man in white? Yes… Sir, please, we’re doing all we can, now if you’d help me lift this man…”

Noise, agony, panic-stricken faces everywhere – Not something you imagine waking up to.

Even in my pain, my hazy thoughts, I knew two trains had collided. And as my eyes started to shut involuntarily, I realised that I was among the very few to have survived that terrible, terrible accident.


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