how beautiful everything looks, bathed in the orange light of a 4 pm sun.

how wonderful it feels sitting under a tree and looking straight up above, at the picture the branches and the leaves paint.

the way you lose all track of time when you’re watching the clouds float by in the sky.

how you try to catch sand under your feet when the waves are trying to take them away.

the way that basil seeds bloat up and float about in water, like little fish eyes curiously peeking at you.

the simple, intense beauty of an empty wine bottle against the sun.

the strange bittersweet feeling when you look in the mirror fresh after a haircut.

the feeling of simple joy when you manage to get the eyeliner exactly right on both eyes.

the little sinking feeling when your phone rings only to be a wrong number.

standing in the middle of an almost deserted street with the cool wind dancing around your ankles.

the first bite of a dessert you’ve been craving for for weeks, and how it makes you close your eyes.

the anticipation mixed with the impatience of wanting to voice an urgent thought.

the initial awkwardness when you meet someone new.

the last time a stranger returned your smile (or you returned theirs).

…this and more. Remember.



4 thoughts on “Remember

  1. Nothing quite like looking back at memories that make you smile. The one I loved, and could actually feel as I read your words ~ “how you try to catch sand under your feet when the waves are trying to take them away” 🙂


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