What Apni Shala taught me

It has been a long, long time since I’ve published on this blog. And this re-blog will tell you why.

Apni Shala Foundation

By  Meghna

IMG-20170218-WA0009 Meghna facilitating a life skills session at a Municipal School in Mumbai

I remember the first time I set foot in the Apni Shala office in July 2016 – rain coming down hard outside, and the office smelling of freshly brewed coffee. I was welcomed by a team of 11, all huddled in one room, having a meeting. After a brief introduction, Swetha, the co-founder, gave me a little tour of the snug, homely office space, made more cozy by the overcast sky outside.

Come August, I officially joined Apni Shala as a 2016-17 Fellow. And this is where I pay homage to the wonderful time spent under this foundation’s tutelage.

The initial days of my fellowship were spent with the entire team coming forth and orienting this wide-eyed girl with the work. This slowly progressed into me accompanying other fellows to the field and observing how they…

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