head in a cloud

When I published my first ever post on this blog on November 28, 2010, this blog was called The White Marigold.

Why that name?

My sister’s favorite flowers (when I last checked) were marigolds – flowers blooming a rage in their tropical, yellow-orange heat.

And I like the color white. White flowers, white walls, white bedsheets, white backgrounds on presentation slides.

And therefore, we decided to name my first blog, The White Marigold.

As I got serious about my blogging, and started exploring the WordPress Community, I realized that having a name such as that gave some readers that I blogged about gardening. And so I renamed the blog to Fiction O’Clock on April 12, 2013.

I was (and still am) very happy with the character that that name lent to the blog, and to my writing. We had a good run with it.

It is February 23, 2021 today, and I have decided to – yet again – rebrand my blog.

This time, a bit more personal, a bit more inward – like my writing has evolved to be.

From this day forward, this blog will be called, Cloud. Plain. No frills attached.

The word ‘cloud,’ spoke to me in various ways:

My name is Meghna, which in the Hindi language means rain bearing clouds.

Additionally, my writing on this blog is coming to be less fictional and more personal – often describing thoughts, shapeless and present. These thoughts have the capacity to hover and loom. Sometimes absent from one’s vision, and sometimes seemingly occupying a lot of space. Sometimes comforting, sometimes contrite.

And finally, its almost like I’m uploading my thoughts on a cloud. /shrugs

At this point, I don’t even mind that the name sounds clichéd, or maybe even bland.

Whether or not this name grows on me, on us, and on this blog remains to be seen.

For now, here we are, on a (white) Cloud.

4 thoughts on “head in a cloud”

  1. So I don’t think you’re reading these. But I’m gonna keep saying things anyway hoping you’d read and it’ll come as a nice little surprise for Meghna.

    This reminds me of how I named by blog Filter Paper (and hit out of the park with a handsome count of 3 posts). I liked the imagery of a filter paper in chemistry lab – seemingly impervious but soaking in only what it likes. That’s not far different from who I am.

    If I had to restart a blog I don’t know what I’d call it. Maybe Cogs, like cogs in a wheel, because I’m always processing something. Or Water, because I like the whole ‘be water, my friend’ thing. I don’t know.

    I like Cloud. Quite dreamy. But White Marigold is my favourite. Almost makes me wonder that there should have been a story by that name in our English textbooks in the 8th or 9th standard. Maybe about a poor family that can’t afford much but their little girl finds value in a white marigold. Would have been nice. I like how comforting stories from school textbooks were. Anyhoo, look at me blabbering on your Cloud.

    Waiting for the next!


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    1. Hahaha, what a sweet comment!

      And oi, what is this secret blog I’m hearing about only now?
      I really like Filter Paper and Water as blog names. They run deep.

      And I can’t believe that your brain went to those short stories from school! It is so apt. My imagination went with you as you described that storyline. I can almost smell the marigolds in the story, along with the mud-houses, the mangoes, and the musty pages for some reason.

      Thanks for this experience, Ayush. Keep writing to me.

      (No pressure.)

      ((Or is there?))



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