the blog

Cloud. is about giving shape to thoughts, both shapeless and present.

Over the years, I have grown to become quite an inward-facing individual. I think, I question, I doubt. And I wanted to pivot this space to accommodate all of that.

If you’re curious about why I decided to name this blog Cloud., I write about it here.

Writing to me has always been a very meaningful form of expression. And I am glad I was able to come back to it after a long pause. In that pause, however, I changed. And so did my writing to reflect it.

On this blog, therefore, now I will write whatever I can. The sky is the limit (see what I did there?)
I will not be limiting myself and this blog to a certain genre or format. I am building this out like a cloud. Vapor. Often shapeless. Often looming. Always present.

I hope you’ll find this interesting.



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