I like it here.

“I like it here,” she whispered, chuckling, not knowing if he heard her. “Really do – do you?” Looking up from where she sat cross-legged on the floor, she brushed her hair out of her face and focused her gaze on – on no one in particular.

Before she could say anything else, a big flower motif on her wallpaper caught her eye. Breaking out in a grin, she left her ragged doll on the floor and ran towards the wall. Pinning her finger to the motif, she muttered, “Why are you showing off? Rather, who are you showing off to?” And then after a pause, she moved her finger along the outline of the motif and with a shy smile said, “You know I admire you already…” And then she wasn’t standing in front of the wall anymore, no. She was in a meadow…

Suddenly, almost as if she heard a starting pistol, she jumped up and said, “How many of you are here?” And running to every flower motif on the wall, she kept counting, “One! Two! Three! Four!–” Soon, she found herself facing the closed wooden door, its paint chipping off. As she remembered where she was and why she was here, she felt the stinging heat of fresh tears that now flowed down her dirty cheeks.

“Let me out! Let me out of here!” she shrieked, kicking and punching at the door.