This page is dedicated to all the posts on this blog which can safely be classified as fiction.
It goes from NEWEST to OLDEST:

> I like it here.
> Nishimiya.
> This Is How It Began.
> Anya (Part I)
> Unrequited, No More.
> Distanced.
> Absence.
> Unrequited.
> Distant.
> Collision.
> Is Love Enough?
> An Afternoon In The Park.
> The Reluctant Realisation.
> “The Bohemian Dinner” — Charles Green Shaw (Re-blogged from Biblioklept)
> A New Chapter.
> Am I Asking Too Much?
> Linger On, My Love.
Haiku Challenge Altered & Accepted! – II
> Haiku Challenge Altered & Accepted! – I (Inspired from this Weekly Writing Challenge.)
> In Love A Little More.
> Lavender Blood (Part III)
> Quiver.
> Lavender Blood (Part II)
> Lavender Blood (Part I)
> Unjust Father. Upset Son.
> Those Mysterious Messages. (Part VI)
Those Mysterious Messages. (Part V)
> Those Mysterious Messages. (Part IV)
Those Mysterious Messages. (Part III)
> Those Mysterious Messages. (Part II)
> Those Mysterious Messages. (Part I)
“Spirits of the Dead”: Edgar Allan Poe (Re-blogged this from Biblioklept)
> The First Time.
> On A Full Moon.
> Senses
> Smiling Faces (Part IV)
> Smiling Faces (Part III)
> Smiling Faces (Part II)
> Smiling Faces (Part I)
> Sinless Slumber (Part IV)
> Sinless Slumber (Part III)
> Sinless Slumber (Part II)
> Sinless Slumber (Part I)
> Dear Diary… (Part III)
> Dear Diary… (Part II)
> Dear Diary… (Part I)
> Alone In The Rain
> 19:48
> Abigail’s End
> Escaped!
> The Final Ablution
> The Lull Before The Storm


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