It rained all night

It rained all night-
And now the shadows feel cold.

The night was one for tossing around in bed.


Lightening cracked outside my window, the quick hot flashes illuminating my room and providing a moment of clarity.

A very brief moment;
Decided now. Lost again.

It rained all night-
And now the shadows feel cold.

But for every journey into light, I need to step into the shadows.
Sometimes short, sometimes prolonged.
How are these shadows to be avoided then?

And what becomes of the puddles left behind by the rain?
How do I spot them in the shadows?
How do I foresee how deep the puddles run?
And how acidic the water could be?
For this would require me to sample it.

And sample it, I have.

Gotten my tongue burnt by the acid too.
Only to be soothed by the sweetness of another puddle later.

And fallen too, I have.
Sometimes only a step deep, and sometimes deep for days.
I have clawed my way out of these puddles, or sometimes have just floated in some – hearing and seeing, but not feeling.

Time breaks free of clocks when I’m in the shadows.

There’s only a distant glimmer now and then, that reminds me of the pending sun. The sun I need to go after, lest it leave me behind in its ignorance.

It has been gone away again, for a while now – the sun.

And dark grey clouds emerged all over.
Crackling, deafening, commanding, looming, persistent.

And so, it rained all night-
And now the shadows feel cold again.

And as it always goes, I desperately seek the sun.